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Stripe Tora Shirt-Red with Black Spade

Stripe Tora Shirt-Red with Black Spade

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Material & Description

  • Handwoven Linen with AZZO Free Dye
  • handwoven cotton

An interesting adaptation on our tora shirt. Mati tora shirt now comes in hand block printed stripes and scallop embroidered collar. It is cut in airy striped handwoven fabric. You can pair it up with shorts and bralette from our collection or style it separately and let the shirt shine.

Mati is a Sustainable and Ethical clothing and slow fashion designer brand from India. We make affordable sustainable clothing with Eco-friendly clothing materials. We use 100% biodegradable environment-friendly fabric. Mati is designed with every woman in mind! We use only the best quality natural fabrics and pay close attention to every little detail. Mati focuses on minimalist designs and loose, flattering cuts that fit all body shapes and sizes. 

Since all pieces are individually handmade and tailored in our studio, each garment is unique and one-off. Therefore, please expect subtle differences in color and form.

The fabric we are using is 100% COTTON which is soft and will suit any skin type. 

Material Care

Dry Clean only
Do not bleach.


Anti Fit

Returns & Exchanges

Non Refundable

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