Our Story


"It is not just about our creations, but the lasting memories they cultivate. It's not solely about the apparel, but the tales they're interwoven with. Most importantly, it's not about us, but about you – the unique individual.Welcome to Affair Muse, where your distinct style narrative comes alive."

Note from our founder, Puja Jaiswal


As a software engineer, fashion enthusiast, and now founder of AFFAIRMUSE, I warmly welcome you to our fashion-forward community.

With a lifelong passion for fashion and an intense desire to bridge the gap between the vibrant styles of India and the contemporary appeal of US designs, I embarked on this journey. And so, AFFAIRMUSE was born – an e-commerce platform that is about more than just clothes. We're about memories, stories, and unique identities that dress us all.

We're committed to bringing together distinctive collections and unique designs, while prioritizing sustainability. It's a platform that supports and uplifts small to medium artists in India, offering them an international stage to showcase their creative genius.

AFFAIRMUSE is a reflection of my personal journey and my aim to celebrate fashion, diversity, and sustainability. But it isn’t just about us – it's about you, our valued customers who bring these pieces to life. It's about your unique stories and how they are expressed through the language of fashion.

I'm excited to have you be part of our community, where every stitch tells a story, every piece kindles a memory, and every dress is a reflection of a unique journey.

Welcome to AFFAIRMUSE, where your style meets sustainable fashion.